About Us

Husband and wife owners of Headquarters Salon in Remuera, Anne and Phillip Millar, have been in the hairdressing industry for 40 years. They purchased their first salon in 1972 and Phillip estimates they have put through close to 100 apprentices in that time. 

Phillip and Anne are currently training two apprentices. They employ three qualified stylists - all of whom they trained themselves. 

"From day one of having our first salon we have employed apprentices. It's been a great benefit to running our business," says Phillip. 

"Every salon has a unique culture and different way of doing things. We have been so disappointed with senior stylists that others have trained that now I only employ ones trained by us."

"Everyone wants to be seen as more professional and if we want to get there we need to raise the bar and we need to train."

"People who train their own staff do much better in this business. Their stylists have better relationships with clients and their salons are more successful."

"If nobody trained us, we wouldn't be here today."